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Commercial insurance

Every business is different, and we love the challenge of developing a customized risk management plan to meet your needs and budget. We are proud to support all kinds of New York City businesses by meeting complicated insurance requirements, and we'll even help negotiate with your clients to reduce excessive insurance demands. With access to numerous providers, we can reach out to multiple insurers to help find the best fit for your needs. Installment or financing options are almost always available. 


Our agency is in a neighborhood full of classic New York City brownstones, so it's only fitting that insuring those buildings has become one of our specialties. We have coverage options for single-family homes, multi-family units (whether owner occupied, or entirely occupied by tenants), vacant homes, or units undergoing major renovations. 


Farmers renters insurance policies cover your belongings, protect you from lawsuits, and pay for a hotel if your apartment is damaged, all for as little as about $10 per month. Add coverage for jewelry, fine art, or other special items. Policies are eligible for bundling discounts with other Farmers policies, so renters insurance can often pay for itself through the discount on a Farmers auto policy.


In addition to coverage for your belongings and lawsuits related to your property, our co-op and condo policies also include Building Property coverage. We understand that unit owners are responsible for everything attached to the walls, floor, and want to make sure you have that critical coverage. We offer Loss Assessment coverage, to protect from unexpected charges due to damage to common areas of the building. We can meet the needs of the toughest mortgage holder or co-op board, whether that means obtaining high coverage limits, or adding another party as Additional Insured (which we can do at no extra cost).


Farmers offers highly flexible coverage options, great multi-line bundling discounts when you also purchase an auto policy, and plenty of installment options. For homes in areas that Farmers won't insure, we have multiple other options. We can cover everything from multi-family properties in the city, to small seasonal bungalows, or luxury beachfront properties. We can also insure homes that are vacant or undergoing renovation. 


We offer coverage for tenant-occupied homes designed for one or more families, even if they have a mix of residential and commercial tenants, or if they are partially vacant. We can insure homes owned in the name of a corporation, LLC, or trust. We can even cover larger apartment buildings, or commercial properties.


Get Smarter about auto insurance by choosing Farmers, an A+ rated national company. Farmers has a variety of coverage options, discounts, and flexible payment plans, at very competitive prices. With a local agent as well as 24/7 online and phone service available, we've got you covered. 

Whether you own a co-op in Chelsea or a house in Harrison, you have significant assets to protect. Instead of taking a chance that one lawsuit could put all of your belongings in jeopardy, consider an umbrella policy for added personal liability protection. Umbrella policies give you bundled, high-limit protection for all of your properties and all of your vehicles on the same policy, at an affordable annual premium. 

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